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Are you looking for the best home improvement write for us blog? If your answer is yes then, you are in the right place. Yes, we are now open to guest posts from home improvement blog writers. If you are the one who is looking to write for us blog, then follow our guidelines, write for us and submit your guest post

Before we dive into the guest post guidelines, let’s discuss some important points in choosing the right write for us blog for you.

Choosing The Right Home Improvement Write for Us Blog

First, you should understand why finding the right home improvement blog for your need is essential. Second, what to write for is important and third is how to approach those home improvement bloggers is crucial

The home improvement blog for which you are planning to write for should have high domain authority (DA). Although the domain authority is not a direct ranking factor, which still helps to find the quality of that blog.

Before you write for any home improvement blog, you need to check the traffic of that particular website. Find the list of home improvement blog which accepts guest posts and check what is the organic traffic for that blog. Finalize the list of blogs which has atleast 1K organic traffic per month.

Finally don’t go for the generic blog which accepts the guest post for all kinds of niches. For example, some blog owners accept the article from the home improvement niche, technology niche, fashion niche and digital marketing niche.

If you find this kind of blog, I suggest you completely ignore this because you don’t get much value from the backlink from that particular website. Yes, you got it right. As per Google guidelines, we need to acquire the backlink from the relevant website only not from the general website

If you are the one who is genuinely looking for a write for us home improvement blog with all the above-mentioned criteria, then consider approaching this holleyshomefurnishings.com website (the one which you are currently checking) by reaching out to this email id: holleyshomefurnishing@gmail.com

Top 10 Guidelines to Write For Us

Find the list of top 10 guidelines before your write for us and submit a guest post for publication. Remember, people who write for us by adhering to the guidelines will get more chances to get their articles published on the same day

Article Wordcount

You should write the article with a minimum of 1000 words otherwise the editorial team will reject the submitted article immediately. Google always love the long-form content and it helps to increase the ranking of your submitted article. Remember there is no maximum limit, you can write the article with a natural flow.

Relevant Topic

As I mentioned above, we accept only topics which are related to home improvement, kitchen improvement, home interior, home exterior, bathroom improvement, bedroom improvement, real estate, and gardening. We never accept article which is irrelevant like fashion, technology, digital marketing, CBD, casino, gambling etc.,

Writing Language

The article should be in English language only. We don’t accept or approve any non-English language content for this website. To maintain the quality of the website content, we follow this guideline and hence there is no exception to this

Usage of Headlines

The article should be very well structured like h1 (for blog title), h2 for sub-headlines (minimum 2 h2 and there is no maximum limit, h3s (which is applicable for listicle like top 10 home improvement write for us blogs in 2022)

Usage of Keywords

Keyword usage is very important when you write for us. You can use the primary keyword with not more than 2% density and use LSI keywords subtly inside the article. If you are not sure about the keyword usage, you can send us the article, our editor team will take of this part.

Internal Links

Figure out one or two internal links (internal links mean taking another blog post link from this holleyshomefurnishings.com website and adding it to your article when you write for us) so that the article looks more authentic

External Links

An external link is nothing but your targeting link or your client link. You can add up to 2 do-follow links inside the article. We suggest adding one external link per 500 words distance. By default all of our external links are coming with a do-follow tag, however, if you want to make a no-follow tag we can do that as well

Usage of Images

There is no limit on the number of images which can be added to the article but the minimum number is one. You can send the featured image in the file format of .jpeg, .png, or .webp and with a 3:4 ratio. You can refer to websites like freepik.com, uplash.com, and shutterstock.com for royalty-free images. Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea about this featured image, we will take care. Y

Unique Content

Writing unique content is the most important guideline you should follow when you write for us. We don’t accept AI-generated content, scraped content or low-quality content. Neither we nor search engines love spammy techniques.

Grammarly Score

We accept the article which has a Grammarly score of about 80 and above. So when you write for us make sure you check the Grammarly score and attach the score report along with the document which you send to us for review.

What to Write For Us

You can write an article which is related to home improvement, kitchen improvement, interior improvement, bathroom improvement, bedroom improvement, gardening, real estate, home décor, home security, moving services, architecture etc.,

Before you start writing for us, do the proper keyword research and come up with a long-tail keyword for your blog post. Long-tail keywords for your guest post will help to increase the ranking and traffic for your published post.

Based on the proper keyword research and search volume for those keywords, you can come up with eye-catchy headlines for your blog post. I suggest adding numbers in the title, if possible add action words like Get, Take, Boost, Learn, Make, Go in the title. And finally, keep the title below 60 char otherwise it doesn’t look good.

How to Submit Your Article?

Once you finished writing the article, you can directly send the article to this email id holleyshomefurnishing@gmail.com in the Microsoft word document or Google drive sheet for the review process. The review process will take up to 6 hrs from the time of submission.

Once the article is reviewed by the editorial team, the article will go through the publication process. So the whole process right from submitting the article, to reviewing and publishing will take a day or two maximum. Hence the turnaround time (TAT) will be 24hrs – 48hrs provided the submitted article meets the guidelines