Average Cost of Installing a Home Security System

There are two main types of home security system and these are do-it-yourself systems or professional systems – these are installed by a specialist company and usually provide monitored home security too.

Often DIY security systems are wireless systems and are cheaper and easier to install than the professional alternative. It is worth being aware of the pros and cons for each. The cost of installation of each security system can vary substantially.

Do-it-yourself systems can be purchased straight from any hardware or home improvement store. They provide are great level of basic alarm functionality and are adequate for most homes. These days they are much cheaper than they used to be and there is far more choice.

What is the cost of installing wireless system?

A cheap wireless system can cost as little as $100 so great for people on a budget. Unfortunately you will get what you pay for as a cheap security system will fall down and quality and effectiveness. If you have expensive TV, hi-fi systems, jewelry, antiques etc… you will need to consider employing a security company to professionally install a high quality alarm system.

Some alarm systems protect the perimeter of your property which is an effective way of preventing the burglar even setting foot onto your land. Perimeter alarm systems are designed to trigger the alarm when someone tries to cross over your grounds. Many of these perimeter alarms can identify the weight and shape of intruders so are not likely to be triggered by the movement of trees or bushes.

The cheapest starter alarm system packages can cost around $200 and include a couple of door and window sensors and maybe one PIR motion detector. The more you pay the more sensors will be get in the package. This often does not include monitored security.

The more you pay, the more the level of sophistication you can have. If you own an expensive large house with many costly valuables and personal possessions you might want to think about monitored security.

A monitored system will cost considerably more as well as a monthly fee of around $30. You will also have to sign a contract with the alarm monitoring company which is for two o three years. Think carefully before you go for monitored security and make sure the package, contract and deal is right for you.

Before choosing your alarm system you should check with your insurance company as some offer a discount of your home insurance. Check with them if they have any preferences or recommendations on the type of alarm system to install and the ones which will give you a discount.

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