Benefits of Wireless Residential Burglar Alarm Security System

Wireless alarm systems are becoming extremely popular and far cheaper than they were a few years ago. They are much more reliable too making them an ideal solution to your residential home security needs. The average DIY’er can carry out the installation of a wireless alarm system thus reducing the cost considerably. They are so straightforward to install that they don’t really require a professional installation.

Typically, a residential wireless alarm system consists of a control panel (this is hardwired into the mains power supply), an alarm bell box and wireless alarm sensor devices such as PIR sensors and magnetic door and windows sensors.

Additionally, you can add wireless smoke sensors and wireless carbon monoxide sensors to some wireless systems. Each wireless device has a built in transmitter/receiver which will be powered by batteries. There will be a corresponding transmitter/receiver in the control panel unit so that it can communicate to all of the wireless devices on the circuit.

A big benefit of wireless alarm systems is that it is very easy to relocate the wireless sensors in your property to different locations if desired. There is no wiring to change at all. Provide the sensor is in range it will just carry on working as before.

If you are planning to extend your home you have a great opportunity to add additional sensors into the new build for very little cost compared to a hardwired alarm system. Make sure when you first purchase your wireless burglar alarm system that it allows for suitable expandability.

There were once concerns that wireless technology was unreliable and did not trigger the alarm when it was supposed to – or triggered a false alarm. Interference from mobile cell phones, wireless doorbells or baby monitors was often an issue with wireless systems. This is now a thing of the past as wireless technology is now believed to be as reliable as a hardwired alarm system.

Another great advantage of a wireless security system is that it can be easily de-installed and removed if you move house. You can take it with you to your new house and re-install it. This is simply not practical with a hardwired alarm system.

Just like a hardwired alarm system, a wireless alarm system can be connected to an alarm monitoring center. You will want to do this to give you peace of mind that your property is being watched over 24 hours a day and if help if required, it will be sent without delay.

A wireless home alarm system provides a highly effective solution to home security that is simple to install and expand if necessary.

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